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Loan Assistant Mortgage Training Bootcamp

Loan Assistant Mortgage Bootcamp Training is an on demand, self-paced course for

  • Anyone who wants to learn the mortgage business so they can start on a mortgage loan team with training
  • New Loan Assistants with very little or no mortgage experience
  • Loan Assistants who have not been formally trained on the job and want to be an even better support to their Loan Officer

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 To build a successful business,
Loan Officers need a

high-performance loan team.


But there's a problem.


  • Loan Officers don't have the time to train

  • Loan Officers need to stay focused on generating more leads

  • Loan Officers won't let go until they trust their team is well trained in the loan process and how to give clients a "WOW" Five Star experience

This Bootcamp will provide the education Loan Assistants need so Loan Officers can trust, let go, and spend their time

growing their business even more

What we cover during this course to prepare Loan 

Assistants to be a great support to their Loan Officer

 Mortgage Sections

  • Mortgage related terms to know 
  • Using Checklists to avoid mistakes 
  • Review the many steps of the loan process
  • How to take a complete loan application
  • How to review a credit report
  • How to review Income and employment
  • How to manually Calculate Debt to Income Ratio  
  • How to review Assets
  • What are property types?
  • Interest Rate basics
  • Loan programs: Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA-Rural Housing, Manufactured Homes
  • Property documentation
  • Loan Guidelines-how and where to find them 
  • Purchases-Reviewing the Purchase Contract
  • What is title insurance?
  • Reviewing appraisals
  • Refinances
  • TRID-TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosures basics 
  • Automated Underwriting-The basics of how to review the findings
  • Requesting and obtaining documentation needed
  • Verifications review
  • Preparing a loan to go to the Processor
  • Keeping the client informed throughout every step of the loan process 

Your role as a Loan Assistant

  • Understanding the role and job description of a Loan Assistant 
  • Teamwork-How to give your best to your Loan Officer and team 
  • Time frame expectations-What is your Loan Officer’s expectations for the process flow and meeting deadlines?
  • Managing your day as a Loan Assistant
  • Prioritizing 
  • S.W.E.T- Doing things the same way every time with a specific process 
  • Documentation-What to ask for and how to get it as quickly as possible
  • Checklists-Using them to avoid problems so they don't happen
  • How to be a problem solver
  • Follow up with clients-How and why it's so important
  • Scripts-How to communicate throughout the loan process
  • "Connecting" with clients so they really want to work with your Loan team
  • How to have a success mindset-How to build your confidence 
  • Being valuable to your Loan Officer-the best qualities to have.
  • How to create such an amazing experience for the clients that they will remember and refer their friends, family, and co-workers to your Loan Officer team over and over. 




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This course is self paced and can be accessed from your computer or your mobile device 

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          The Trainers

Irene Duford

Irene has been in the Mortgage business for 25 + years and has been coaching Top Producing Loan Originators in The Freedom Club/Mortgage Marketing Animals since 2012.

She is passionate about inspiring and encouraging others to believe in their success and map out a specific plan to achieve results.

As Irene was coaching, she saw a huge need for a training program to help Loan Partners with systems and processes, scripts and dialogues, and other specific ways to WOW the clients and referral partners. That's why she created "Loan Team Training."

She remembers when she had to learn the mortgage business "the hard way" with no formal training. She doesn't want anyone else to have to learn that way.

She knew that if Loan Originators had training they could send their Loan Partner/Loan Assistant to, it would not only free the Loan Originator to go get more business, but through working a specific system designed to build and strengthen stronger relationships with clients and referral partners, they would receive even more warm referrals and grow their business.

Irene loves spending time with her husband Kevin, kids and grandkids. She enjoys traveling, learning, self-improvement, live music, theatre, movies, and going to the beach.

Kenny Duford

Kenny “grew up” in the mortgage business. All throughout his formative years, he watched his parents and both of his siblings grow the family business. After graduating high school early and spending some time at Brigham Young University (before and after serving an ecclesiastical mission in the Marshall Islands), he realized that his heart was in the mortgage business as well. He has been working in the industry since 2016 and is the “Mortgage Expert” for the Dolan Mortgage Team.

He is passionate about improving processes, converting buyers to say "yes", and paying attention to the small details from the application to the loan closing. This passion is apparent as he trains other loan partners to be able to WOW their Loan Officers and the people they work with.

Kenny lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan with his wife, Tyler and their dogs, Kobe and Hannah. Tyler attends dental school at the University of Michigan and they both enjoy all that Ann Arbor offers their family. Kenny loves attending concerts and playing golf, basketball, the guitar, and drums. He is a huge Lakers and Dodgers fan!

Kevin Duford

Kevin was a High School Teacher for 20 years and Head Varsity Basketball Coach. He then worked in the mortgage business as a team with Irene for 12 years.

He uses his experience as a teacher and Coach to train on how mastering the fundamentals can enable Loan Partners and Loan Assistants to excel and help their Loan Originator Team reach their goals. Loan teams, like basketball teams, when working together, can push business to new heights and levels of success.

Kevin has fun spending time with his wife, kids and grandkids. He enjoys playing golf, traveling, reading, movies, and going to the beach.

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